Save Our Boating Rights Florida


Thank you for considering a donation to “Save Our Boating Rights Florida.” Your support is invaluable in our mission to preserve and protect the boating rights and privileges of Floridians. Every contribution makes a real difference in ensuring that Florida’s waterways remain accessible and pristine for generations to come.

Why Donate?

Your generous donations help us in various ways:

  • Advocacy: Fund our advocacy efforts to ensure fair and reasonable boating regulations and policies in Florida.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Support our commitment to preserving Florida’s natural beauty by funding conservation initiatives and promoting responsible boating practices.
  • Education: Enable us to provide educational resources, workshops, and outreach programs that raise awareness about boating rights and marine conservation.
  • Events: Contribute to the success of our organized events, including boating excursions, clean-up initiatives, and workshops.
  • Impact: Your donation directly contributes to our efforts to protect Florida’s waterways and promote sustainable boating practices. Together, we can make a positive impact.


Every donation helps us maintain our boating rights and advocate for all water vessels in Florida. Your participation is extremely valuable.

If you have any concerns concerning donations, fundraising, or other ways to help our cause, please contact our support staff at

Thank You!

If you have any questions, require assistance with your donation, or would like to discuss specific giving options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer several convenient methods for making a donation.

Your support is essential in our fight to preserve boating rights and protect the environment in Florida. We are profoundly grateful for your commitment to our cause.

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