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By joining our organization, you become part of a collective effort to protect and preserve the boating rights of Floridians. Your involvement contributes to the ongoing advocacy work that ensures fair regulations and access to Florida’s waterways.

Your contribution makes a significant difference

Community and Camaraderie

Joining our community means connecting with like-minded individuals who share your passion for boating and environmental conservation. You'll have the opportunity to build friendships and network with people who share your interests.

Make a Positive Impact

Being actively involved allows you to make a tangible difference in your local community and the broader state of Florida. Your contributions, whether through volunteering or donations, directly support initiatives that promote responsible boating and protect our environment.

Education and Awareness

Our organization provides educational resources, seminars, and outreach programs. By participating, you'll gain valuable knowledge about boating rights, marine conservation, and sustainable boating practices. You can also help raise awareness in your community about these crucial issues.

Advocacy Power

As a member or volunteer, you'll have a voice in the advocacy efforts of the organization. Your input and support help us engage with policymakers and make a stronger case for preserving boating rights and protecting our waterways.


Access to Events

You'll have exclusive access to events organized by our organization. These may include boating excursions, clean-up initiatives, educational workshops, and social gatherings that allow you to enjoy Florida's waterways while contributing to their preservation.

Personal Growth

Involvement with a nonprofit organization like ours can lead to personal growth and development. You may acquire new skills, enhance your leadership abilities, and gain a sense of fulfillment by actively contributing to a cause you believe in.

Recognition and Appreciation

Your efforts won't go unnoticed. We appreciate and recognize the dedication of our members and volunteers. Your contributions will be acknowledged through newsletters, social media, and at our events.

Become a Steward of the Environment

If you're passionate about protecting the natural beauty of Florida's waterways, our organization offers a platform to become an environmental steward. You'll be part of efforts to preserve and conserve the delicate ecosystems that depend on clean and sustainable boating practices.

Networking Opportunities

Joining our organization provides opportunities to connect with a diverse group of people, including fellow boaters, environmentalists, policymakers, and community leaders. These connections can be valuable in various aspects of your personal and professional life.


Getting involved with “Save Our Boating Rights Florida” offers you a chance to be an active participant in the conservation of Florida’s unique waterways while enjoying the many personal benefits that come with being part of a passionate community.

We welcome you to join our community and make a difference. Whether you’re an experienced boater, an environmentalist, or just someone who cares about Florida’s waterways.

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